Il docente-tutor universitario per la terza missione tra tirocinio e alternanza

Isabella Loiodice, Daniela Dato


In the light of the latest university third mission it is possible to rethink and redesign the most traditional trainership and the most unprecedented school-work alternation as experiences able to create links between universities and territory. In the view of the above, it is possible to grasp the essential rule of teacher-tutor whose pedagogical intervention seems to have widened and have becoming more complex. The main focus here must be on the skills of mediation and capability which, in the university environment, the teacher-tutor of traineeship and school-work alternation can exercise not only towards students and knowledge, but also towards the whole institution, promoting and favouring skills “mobilization” and resources “integration”, becoming a “systems boundary crossers” or a professional able to create networks between partners and stakeholders, all reals protagonists of a shared partnership.

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