Il positivismo pedagogico nell’Università di Bologna

Tiziana Pironi


The present essay examines some aspects which characterized the university teaching of positivism pedagogy in Bologna Athenaeum from 1870 to 1890. The major protagonists of this cultural time were Andrea Angiulli, Pietro Siciliani and Nicola Fornelli. All three of pugliese origin, beyond their different formative path (Angiulli made philosophical studies, Siciliani had a Medicine degree and Fornelli a teaching career) they shared a distinctly humanistic positivism.
Furthermore, archive documents (in particular meeting minutes of Council of the Faculty of Literature) show that they uselessly sought the pedagogical training of future teacher of secondary school, bumping into colleagues of philology area, among which Carducci, favourablesv to a specialization in philological sense.

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