Teaching the historical landscape. Delineating epistemological background

Loredana Perla, Antonio Brusa, Viviana Vinci


Which story should we teach? Why should we teach it? Which devices should we use? How should we evaluate the geostoric competence? These questions have been answered by a three-year research with a collaborative status, “History and school: sense and methods of teaching”, which has identified its formal object of study in the teaching of history, analyzed through a epistemological
work between general teaching and historical knowledge.
The research carried out a three-part protocol – including the teacher, the historian, the didactic researcher – and involved 50 geostoria teachers in a network of 12 comprehensive and technical schools in Bari and its province. In this paper, we return the formalization of one of the emerging tools: the historical landscape and the mediators that have allowed the transposition of its conceptual correlates into a playful format.

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