The migration of INVALSI mathematics tests from PPT to CBT. A study about field-trial tests for the second class of Secondary school

Emanuela Botta, Cristina Lasorsa


This article describes an INVALSI trial for passing from paper based tests to computer-based tests conducted in the 2016 math pre-test campaign for the second class of the secondary school (level 10). The purpose of the study is to compare paper & pencil and computer-based delivery of the same test, in relation to the student’s ability and to the item functioning in terms of difficulty
(b), discrimination (Id), and percentage of missing. A nationally representative sample of 10th grade students was administered computer-based mathematics test. In addition a parallel sample of students was administered the same test in paper & pencil mode. The results show that test in computer- based mode was significantly harder statistically than the paper-based test. There are no significant differences in the estimated student’s ability.

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