The eTwinners teachers’ professional profile: a Competence Balance sheet to support teachers professional development valuing and planning

Letizia Cinganotto, Margherita Di Stasio, Patrizia Garista, Giuseppina Rita Mangione, Laura Messini, Maria Chiara Pettenati


Italian Teachers involved in eTwinning show the need to enhance their activity within this community with reference both to individual project design and management and to collaborative activities as active members of a vast international professional community.
Starting from this need, a collaboration between the eTwinning Italian Unit and Indire researchers led to a research project consisting of analysing, designing and validating a Competence Balance Sheet including eTwinning teachers’ specific professional profiles in order to provide them with a tool showing their professional improvement and growth. This paper describes the steps that led to the design and validation of the eTwinner Competence Balance Sheet.

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