Learning by the intersection between design disciplines, teaching methods and technologies

Marina De Rossi, Cinzia Ferranti


Due to ICT integration in Higher Education, deep cognitive-procedural structures of teachers’ thinking are being modified, as teachers are called to link their subject matter, methodology and technology knowledge to foster meaningful learning (Angeli, Valanides, 2005; 2009; 2013). Here are presented the results of Phase 1 (briefing for design) of a mix-method research on ICT-TPCK framework implementation in blended learning context (Higher Education). The research engaged 25 teachers of 3 macroareas and 1615 students. From the analysis of categorical data emerging from the use of document of design, diaries and focus groups are emerging evidence on the potential offered by integrating Instructional design in relation to methodological and technological innovation; student involvement; personalized learning (work life balance).

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