Active learning geography for “primary education”

Betti Simone, Francesca Fratini


Following the educational revolution of the 20th century, carried out by epistemological and pedagogical constructivism, the student and his own “constructive” activity become centre of the teaching-learning process. From this perspective, teaching workshops were chosen because they seem to be the
mode of operation that better meets the need to build an active learning, analysis and reflection about knowledge. In the University of Macerata, in this case in the master degree course in Education Sciences, and alongside the very complex and specific discipline, geography has experimented and proved to be a valuable support for its connection to productivity, and for using the search method that imposes the need to use appropriate documentation and to conduct field observations. Therefore students in training have been induced to deal with the geographical contents, and then to rework in training activities and educational designs, with which they will have to do in their future work.

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