Enhance the logical-linguistic and logical-mathematical problem solving skills in middle secondary school. Adaptation and validation of the short version of “Creative Personality Test” (TCD-As) in Italy

Giovanni Moretti, Valeria Biasi, Arianna Giuliani, Arianna Morini


The paper deepens how students’ ability to solve problematic situations could be
developed (Wiggins, 1998; Lumbelli, 2009; Biasi, 2010; Boonen et al., 2013) in relation to the logical-linguistic and logical-mathematical areas through the enhancement of their creative dimension. According to the research designing chosen, many classes of middle secondary schools were involved in the administration of semistructured tests based on “Reality Tasks” (Moretti & Giuliani, 2016) and of the Test of “Creative Personality” (TCD-A; Williams, 1994). The scale construction of the TCD-A was verify through Exploratory Factor Analysis. Results suggest that in designing teachers’ professional development projects should be focused issues like the relationships between the learning outcomes and the creative dimensions. Data analysis also shows that the teachers awareness of these relations could encourage the development of problem solving skills by students.

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