Strategic skills, time perspective and narrative dimension in educational guidance

Massimo Margottini, Concetta La Rocca, Francesca Rossi


This work shows the results found from administering three different surveys to University students: the Questionario sulle Strategie di Apprendimento (QSA-Pellerey, 1996); the Questionario sulla Percezione delle Competenze Strategiche (QPCS-Pellerey, 2010); the Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory (ZTPI-Zimbardo and Boyd, 1999). It has been found that owning proper strategic
skills correlates positively with a balanced time perspective; on the contrary, those students who have inadequate strategic skills are usually prone to adopt a fatalistic perspective towards the present and a low orientation to the future.
Therefore, a narrative-diachronic perspective has been adopted in order to build an ePortfolio (Barret, 2004). The ePortfolio gathers all the information retrieved by using the above-mentioned surveys (QSA, QPCS and ZTPI), and enables you to reinterpret your own past experiences and project them into the future.

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