Pilates and volleyball: which efficacy on postural stability of individual fundamentals?

Valentina Cerrina, Isabella Scursatone, Chiara Franco, Claudio Scotton, Luisa Pizzigalli


The aim of this pilot study was to investigate the efficacy of a protocol of Pilates Matwork in terms of improvement of static postural balance in a group of 10 young female volleyball players of amateur level. A stabilometric platform was used to carry out the postural test on bipodalic and monopodalic stance. Afterword it was required to maintain the position of dig and set with eyes
open for 60 s. The Pilates protocol lasted 3 month twice a week consisted of 20 minutes each session. Comparing the measurements realized before and after the protocol, only during the condition monopodalic with eyes close on the left leg for the variable area of the CoP an improvement in the postural balance was achieved (p<0,05). In conclusion, the measurement performed confirm the initial hypothesis of this study, namely that the Pilates can resulted as an effective tool to improve the postural stability in volleyball player.

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