Universal Design for Learning to value differencies: An explorative reasearch considering teachers’ perceptions

Elisabetta Ghedin, Silvia Mazzocut


Universal Design for Learning, breaking down the barriers to learning and participation, promotes learning environments in which the goal is to train expert students, who can learn, who have already learned and who want to continue to learn. Considering the value of this model’s principles in inclusive optics, it has arisen spontaneously the hypothesis concerning a possible reflection on UDL model also in the Italian context.
Through research it was therefore investigated its possible prospects for implementation in our reality, starting from the teachers’ perceptions of their inclusive educational practices. The research involved a group of 255 Primary, 1st and 2nd grade Secondary teachers, and investigated teachers perceptions regarding the sharing of values and inclusive practices adopted in perspective
of Universal Design for Learning. The results show fertile ground for its diffusion
in the Italian context while enhancing some dimensions necessary for its application (eg. School ethos, teacher training).

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