Validation and standardization of the Italian version of the questionnaire “How do you feel?” about well-being and ill-being in the lower secondary school

Irene Stanzione


This study explores the structural validity of the “How do you feel?” questionnaire measuring the well-being of lower secondary school level’s pupils. It was developed in collaboration with Moscow State University of Psychology & Education (MGPPU). The study involved a convenience sample of 2,029 students from 9 schools throughout the city of Rome. Findings of the Confirmatory Factor Analysis demonstrated the hypothesized model fits data for the measures Wellbeing and ill-being, respectively constituted of 4 (Sense of protection, Satisfaction, Family Support, Climate) and 5 dimensions (Neurovegetative anxiety, Fear of judgment, Anxiety in being evaluated, Anxiety in relationships with peers, Non-specific anxiety). After validation, the questionnaire has been standardized.

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