Physical fitness of young Italian students: effectiveness of a 12-week supervised extracurricular training

Alessandro Acella, Stefania Cataldi, Francesco Fischietti, Gianpiero Greco


The overweight threatens the adolescents’
health. This study investigated the effects of
extracurricular multilateral training (MT) lasting
for 12 weeks compared to a standard
training (ST) program performed at school
as required by the ministerial program, on
health- and skill-related components of physical
fitness. Eleven boys and nine girls (age
13.6 ± 0.5 years) were randomly assigned to
an experimental group (EG, n = 10) or control
group (CG, n = 10). At weeks 1 and 12,
body mass index (BMI), waist circumference
(WC), a 505 change of direction speed
(CODS) and 300 m run test, were assessed.
The EG underwent MT (90 min, 2 times a week)
plus ST, while the CG underwent only
ST. Significant Time x Group interactions
were detected in favor of the EG for all measurements
(from –8,37 to –3.50%). The extracurricular
MT protocol was effective in
improving physical efficiency and reducing
weight in adolescents after a period of 12

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