Professional development of university teachers: An experience in an international project

Michele Biasutti, Vassilis Makrakis, Eleonora Concina, Sara Frate


In the current study is presented a professional development experience for higher education professors within an international Tempus project focused on reorienting and revising university curricula to address sustainability. Focus group data from an explorative evaluation of the professional development of university professors are considered. The results showed that revising their curricula offered to the university professors an opportunity to discuss different principles, teaching methods, didactic processes and practices in education for sustainable development. Several strategies emerged during the curricula revisions such as a positive attitude towards metacognitive strategies and a goal-oriented approach to curriculum planning. Moreover, the participants reconsidered their teaching methods, resulting in a change in teaching style in several cases. Implications for professional development and the induction of a change in university professors are discussed.

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