Teaching how to read the mind: the design of an edugame for the development of social skills in students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Paola Aiello, Stefano Di Tore, Erika Marie Pace, Maurizio Sibilio


This paper presents a research aimed at
creating an edugame whose objective is that
of supporting inclusive teaching practices in
the presence of students with Autism Spectrum
Disorders. Taking into consideration
the literature supporting the added value of
technology to promote inclusive practices,
the experimented edugame was designed in
line with the phases envisaged in Howlin’s
educational program. Such resources aid
teachers to put into practice more sustainable
individualized and differentiated instruction
to respond to the students’ specific
cognitive styles in Italian school contexts.
The initial results from the testing of the
edugame have demonstrated a greater appeal
than the classic ‘paper and pencil’ test
and an increase in the recognition of emotions
and expressions.

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