Le Domande essenziali: uso e tecnica per lo sviluppo della metacognizione. Un'esperienza con i bambini della scuola dell'infanzia e della scuola primaria

Nicoletta Rosati


This article deals with the introduction of Essential Question techniques in pre-primary and primary schools based on a study carried out in the United States from K-12 .This technique consists of using certain kinds of questions which focus on a deeper reflection on the content of study. All questions (non-EQs) used in Italian pre-primary and primary schools focus on the content of the
curriculum being taught, and EQs are not used. The article describes how EQs differ from non-EQs and how the former can change the dynamic of learning at the pre-primary and primary level.
The article goes on to describe the phases of a study on the introduction of EQs into the daily activities in a pre-primary and a primary school in Italy, where EQs had not been previously used.
The research involves two second grade classes in primary school and two pre-primary school classes made up of children aged five. In children of this age, the use of Essential Questions (EQs) may stimulate metacognition processes. These processes may lead to higher level thinking while maintaining a higher degree of motivation, w hich continues to be an issue as well for children with special needs.

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