L’inclusione del bambino con disabilità nei servizi per la prima infanzia: l’esperienza di “Melampo al nido”

Filippo G. Dettori, Giovanna Pirisino


The paper focuses on the strategy of inclusion of children with atypical development in the ECEC (Early Childhood Education and Care). First of all, the scientific literature and the theoretical framework that deals with the topic have been considered. It has been analyzed the Italian legislation concerning the inclusion of disable children in the Education System. After that, the article presents an inclusion project called “Melampo al nido” carried out in the ECEC of Sassari. The distinguishing feature of this project lies in the partnership of healthcare and education. In order to comprehend how inclusion has been promoted, a qualitative empirical research has been conducted. Moreover,
this research aims to examine the notion and the strategies of inclusion in ECEC, in particular, the good practices and the pedagogical methods designed and employed by educators, the educational relationship between family and ECEC as also the way in which the latter collaborates with healthcare in order to promote the inclusion and to support the disable children in their development

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