Gioco e disabilità, un’oscillazione tra limite e piacere

Francesca Antonacci, Carlo Riva, Elisa Rossoni


The article intends to start a critical and problematizing reflection on play and on disability, both of which are dimensions kept to the sidelines of our society which is dedicated to growth and productivity by a disciplining and normalizing pedagogical thought. A renewed view is proposed on play that can recognize its constitutive ambivalence, its transformative and subversive power and
an expert and respectful view on disability which can approach the fragile and recondite dimensions of existence. Only through this view can play be accepted and reinstated into educational contexts and also into the life projects of people with disabilities as a fundamental and vital experience in view of their well-being and social inclusion.
The experience of the Play Area of the non-profit association L’abilità is presented as a paradigmatic and innovative example of the implementation and realization of a radical and transformative thought which has established and returned a precious space and time for play to children with disabilities. It is a project which has been evolving continuously for fifteen years in search of new
possibilities, uncertainties and elation, swinging between the border and the pleasure of daring.

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