Insegnanti alle prese con programmi educativi evidence-based: l’esperienza italiana del Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies (PATHS®)

Annalisa Morganti, Alessia Signorelli


The paper introduces the first attempt at implementing, within the public primary school system, an evidence-based social-emotional learning program called Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies (PATHS®). The program’s central implementation elements are described, and they are ascribable to a three year long European research that has seen the involvement of 5 different countries: Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia. Particularly, the paper describes the stages of teacher training, monitoring of program implementation, experimentation and assessment which have seen the involvement of Italian schools, with a specific focus on the effects of social-emotional learning on inclusive process. The findings, though showing overall positive trends, highlight the need for further investigating some aspects ascribable to the contextual adjustment of an evidence-based program and the use of adequate assessment tools.

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