Prison Privatization: the case of Italy

Carlo Alberto Romano, Luisa Ravagnani, Nicoletta Policek


For a long time, prison privatization has been experimented on a supranational level mainly from the Common Law Countries
which have given a fluctuating evaluation of its possible positive effects. Today, many of such Countries, due to the
failures attributable to the strong influence of the profit dynamics regulating the functions performed by private partners,
have proposed to come back to a State-managed enforcement system.
As a consequence of the first experience of privatization in Italy, the Authors, through a critical analysis of international experiences,
focus their attention on features that, although delegated to third parties, could still ensure an enforcement of the
sentencing system in accordance with the principles laid down by the national prison laws and regulations, aware that the
chronic lack of resources for the prison building could look at the flow of capitals from the private sector as a positive

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