Intimate partner violence and personality disorders: a meta-analytic study

Liliana Novella, Elena Tagliabue


We conduct a meta-analytic study to check the association between Personality Disorders and battering and specifically
whether PD would be a risk marker for IPV onset. We selected 15 controlled studies and we calculated the associations between
IPV and Antisocial PD, Borderline PD and Psychopathy. In all three cases the average effect size was small: ṝ=0,15;
ṝ=0,13; 􀀀=0,16 respectively for Antisocial, Borderline and Psychopathic variables. We evaluate the possible influence of mediator
variables on each study’s results. Concerning Borderline variable, we saw a sample size bias (r=-0,416; p<0,007). With
regards to Psychopathy, the mean sample age accounted for 36% of the effect size variance. As regards Antisocial variable, we
did not find a possible reason for effect size heterogeneity. These Personality Disorders do not seem peculiar IPV markers.

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