Rassegna Italiana di Criminologia is the official organ of the Italian Association for Criminology and answers the purpose of divulging the results of experts’ research in Italy and abroad.

In 1970 the first issue of the Rassegna di Criminologia appeared under the editorship of Professor Canepa; theTipografia Di Luca in Genoa was responsible for printing.

In 1990 the Italian Association for Criminology turned to the publisher Giuffrè for a higher circulation of the review, whose title changed to “Rassegna Italiana di Criminologia”. Since then the review has increased its renown at home and abroad and has given space to several contributions by the experts in all the branches of science relating to man and society and to the testimony of workers in the fields of justice, criminal law and mental health as well.

A new stage recently opened with the publisher Pensa MultiMedia, who eagerly agreed to support this scientific initiative. The new series “Marginalia” has been planned in order to collect the proceedings of the national conferences and the monographic studies (by new researchers too) about criminological subjects.

The review appears every four months and includes research in Clinical Criminology, Forensic Psychology and Psychiatry, Sociology of Deviance and Criminal Politics. Each issue opens with an editorial about the present questions of criminological survey.

Registered at no. 522 in Court of Milan



Table of Contents


Indice PDF (Italiano)
Editorial Staff 1-5


Be fathers in prison. Reflections on parenting and state detention and a review of literature PDF (Italiano)
AA.VV AA.VV 6-17
The prison officers: working conditions and organizational health in Veneto prisons PDF (Italiano)
Alessandro Maculan, Francesca Vianello, Lucia Ronconi 18-31
Psychopathy and violence: a criminological review PDF (Italiano)
Laura De Fazio, Federico Bignardi Baracchi, Chiara Sgarbi 32-41
Intimate partner violence and personality disorders: a meta-analytic study PDF (Italiano)
Liliana Novella, Elena Tagliabue 42-53
Critics of cellular isolation of the prisoner in the thinking of Luigi Ferrarese (1795-1855) PDF (Italiano)
Jutta M. Birkhoff, Giuseppe Armocida 54-58
Prison Privatization: the case of Italy PDF (Italiano)
Carlo Alberto Romano, Luisa Ravagnani, Nicoletta Policek 59-69
The psychopath behind the desk PDF (Italiano)
Isabella Merzagora, Palmina Caruso, Alice Morgante, Guido Travaini 70-79
Evaluations the risk of criminal recidivism: a research on a sample of juvenile offenders in Abruzzo PDF (Italiano)
Gilda Scardaccione, Felice Carabellese, Laura Miranda, Silvia Carlone 80-91


Recensione comparata PDF (Italiano)
Cristiano Barbieri 92

ISSN: 2240-8053